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About Strategic Capital Corporation is a financial services company which purchases structured settlements, lottery winnings, annuities and other types of future payments from individuals and companies. The company is privately owned.
Description Founded in 1994, Strategic Capital Corporation started as a purchaser of lottery prize payments. In 2001, Strategic Capital expanded its services to include buying structured settlements and annuities. When Strategic Capital buys structured settlement and annuity payments, it pays annuitants a lump sum payment in exchange for their future annuity payments paid over time. Strategic Capital has originated over $1.5 billion in future payments since it was founded.

For immediate information or assistance, please contact one of our regional sales executives:

Ric Perez - 1.866.821.6108

Cam Mears - 1.866.241.6111
Mission Strategic Capital has established and maintained financing relationships with both institutional and private investors and financiers. Some of its institutional relationships have included Great-West life and annuity insurance company, based in Denver, and John Hancock life insurance company, based in Boston.
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