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About ❝en Short: a true fashion FURy tale❞
refined & revived clothing evergreens re-using materials to create new fashion statements & casual timeless couture.
Description It was love at first (a.k.a. "furst") style and passion for fashion when Nina from enVie heartwork and furrier Marcel Jouja found each other.
They met, brainstormed and finally created masterpieces aka “further” heartworks reloaded (refined, revived & refured).
This year team enVie decided to create a divine line of refured parkas, deluxe hoods & snoods which make you stand out of the crowd and be different.
All our designs are handcrafted in Vienna, one of a kind and customizable on individual order basis.

about Marcel
Marcel Jouja, born in Vienna, already knew as a child that he wanted to become a furrier like his father and grandfather.
Packed with knowledge from 3 generations he combines old craftsmen techniques with modern style to fulfil his customer’s dreams.

about Nina
Nina from enVie heartwork founded her fashion & fabric design company in Summer 2011.
Already as little girl she used to be a little “wannabe” tailor. Thus fabrics were base materials on her playground ever since.
She loves to act as creative alterationist and travelling the world in search for new inspiration and styles.

Marcel Jouja is one of enVie’s “key perFURmer” for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons.
The “jouja refurs enVie” collection offers unique pieces,
which will be crafted in limited quantities or also created on individual requests.

It’s all about evergreen fashion key-pieces: from revived utility parkas and refined knit layers to “transfurmed” styles.
Because fashion is not just a cloth you wear, it’s a lifestyle and expression of who you are.
Web site http://www.envieheartwork.com

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