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About Borehole Drilling, Geophysical / Hydro-geological Investigation for Groundwater, Casting, Installation and Water treatment.
Description Our past experience as geologists/geophysicists by profession has perfected our expertise in drilling works. We use this avenue to connect to prospective clients wanting to sink boreholes at their residence, hotels and place of work.Our track record as a drilling company speaks for us .We have sucessfully drilled a large number of boreholes within Nigeria and as a testimony ,we have not experienced failures at any point in time .Our accurate pre-drilling investigation/survey makes our drilling excercise productive and promising .We don't sink boreholes that fails!!!!!!!!!!!!!We target water-bearing formations that favour groundwater accumulations within the subsurface using our cutting-edge geophysical instrument(terrameter ABEM SAS 300C) and softwares.
Mission Forty metres beneath you lie millions of litres of water. This water is saturated in the ground and is a free resource waiting for you. All you have to do is Bore into the Aquifer....then lower an electric pump down the hole You can have a Borehole water supply a complete system up and running. Or we can drill and case the hole so that you are able to install the pump your self.

Phone +234 805-181-5722 +234 706-638-3018
Web site http://www.google.com http://www.hbborehole.com

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