Post-avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk

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About The page for all your '40s proto-prog crustcrunk dadsludgecore needs. Odd music. Awful guitars. Bickering. Oneupmanship. Mich.
Description 'Post-avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk' is a Facebook page that, primarily, does its best to get all involved into new music and further into that which they already enjoyed. Some you'll like, some you won't - we try to keep it eclectic. Every now and then people tell us that they enjoy the music we post, or share cool things we didn't know about either. This makes the endeavour worthwhile.

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Rathe (-Rathe) - Posts far too often. Uses the page as a substitute for having too few people to talk music to in his "real" "life". Particularly likes noise-rock, surf-rock, funk, post-metal, and a bunch of Japanese stuff. Enjoys film, literature, old videogames, comedy and the occasional Chinese cartoon.
Instruments: Electric guitar. Puts them together sometimes. Also juggles between bass and mandolin.
[Founding admin - April 24th, 2012 - present]
Theme song:

Indiana (-Indiana) - Posts far too infrequently, and thus is likely the one who bothers you the least. Particularly likes experimental rock, free jazz, ambient, arabic and classical music. Enjoys gaming, reading, composing and the occasional bit of drawing or painting.
Instruments: Builds, tinkers with and occasionally plays guitars (bass, baritone, standard etc), whilst dabbling occasionally and widely with wind instruments.
[Founding admin from April 24th, 2012 - present. Last sighting: February 26th, 2013.]
Theme song:

(the)[Twin] - Bipolar, in his previous life he was a pocketwatch. He usually sits in the dark corner of his room searching for music to post, trying and failing to play bass guitar, playing rpgs ~ Likes punk, jazzcore, math-rock, post-rock. Few years ago he was in love with Fiona Apple...she never wrote him back.
Instrument: Bass
Also admins: Spastic
[Admin from June 6th, 2012 - present]
Theme song:

Michael (-Mich) - Posts regularly. Is a bitch. Enjoys a varied selection of music but only posts Proto-Post Neoprogressive Psychsoul, and tries to pass off weird videos as music related.
Enjoys reading, watching all sorts of films, playing old video games and enjoying Mongolian Animated Paintings.
Instrument: Bass
Also admins: In which the previous admin(s) of FTL act like pretentious assholes; Post-Hipster Produce; /mu/ (defunct)
[Admin from June 24th, 2012 - present]
Theme song:

Beth (~Beth) - University student reading literature (aka field of eternal overqualified unemployment). Writing dissertation on french communism and english punk, like the stereotype she is. In spare time writes abstract poetry on the back of napkins and refreshes her twitter feed, only to find emptiness and despair. Likes variety in music - sweet spot in particular for punk, math rock, art pop & rock, IDM, funky jazzy shit. Is the worst kind of guitar owner: can only play four chords. Otherwise likes books, films, long walks at 2am with a pair of headphones, and the occasional visual novel. Also has tits.
Instrument: Guitar
Also admins: N/A
[Admin from November 12th, 2012 - present]
Theme song:

Bree (-Lain) A true human being, doesn't really care much for much. Can't really come up with a nice description for herself. Likes all types of music from Classical to 011100011001100110011. She is actually a computer.
[Admin from July 14, 2014 - present]
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