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About 'v' are young, 'v' are talented and 'v' love to spread the Knowledge of Dance and Art, what about u?
Description pro'v'dance (pronounced as providence) is a dance crew of dedicated individuals who perform at professional events all over.

pro'v'dance means a force or power that provides or manages thing that happen to u without u even doin netin!!........accrdin to me dat force is GOD!!!
but according to uz at p'v'd(pro'v'dance)
pro -strive to b professional
'v'- means we there is no I all r equal
dance -dats wat v do

p'v'd 1st appeard at st. Andrews college, Bandra wit a concept about a love story depicted and executed in contemporary n lyrical hiphop ...........

that was the day n den der was no stoppin........

Prominent events that 'V' performed are :

* Channel [v] Dil Dosti Dance.
* Indian Navy event at INS 2012 (event for the Indian Navy officials)
* Nokia channel [v] Indiafest 2012 (national event in Goa)
* World youth day 2011
* AWMTC 2011 (St. Andrews, Bandra)
* AWMTC 2010 (St. Andrews, Bandra)
* AWMTC 2009 (St. Andrews, Bandra)
* And it was good (the musical)
* Club escape (night club in Mumbai)
* Hotel Jadhavgarh (pune)
* Synergy 2011 (Sathaye college)
* Shikhar 2011 (Chetna college)
* Lakshya 2011 (MMK college)
* Spandan 2010 (patkar college)
* Pop lock drop 2009 (Wilson college)
* Read my lips (charity event for raising funds for the mute and blind)
and various other charity events of parishes and institutions

News articles

* Aired live on tv9
* Interviewd by CNN Ibn reporter for their news slot named why not!!

r main styles r hip hop and street thoughs v do salsa,jive western classical,contemporay bollywood and freestylin ....:p

n trust me itz not gonna b easy..buh if u tink u got it in u ring me on.......(8898590507 or mail at

Eric Sequeira
(crew leader/choreographer)
Mission At Pro'v'dance (pronounced as providence)...........
'V' believe that culture can change things and work on a bright side for you, n music changes lives, dance being its visual translation.

all the posts on this page are related to artwork or any related to pro'v'dance.

'V' also use our creativity with banners n posters so all posters on this page are made by us!! :)
'V' also learning stuff related to graffiti, LED's and bmx bikes!!

not to mentiion music production is r latest venture.

Naw dat was bout da thing 'v' do... read da otr stuff to know bout r crew n chk out our videos on this page!
LIKE N LET LIKE THIS PAGE ...!! Peace \m/_
Overview help provide Knowledge of dance through dance to be the providence!
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