Go Kart Design Challenge

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About A Design Challenge which gives a platform for Graduating and Diploma students to fabricate a innovative Go-Kart under a well shelled rulebook.
Description A Go-Kart, by definition, is a vehicle which has no suspension and no differential. They are usually raced on scaled down tracks, but are sometimes driven as entertainment or as a hobby by non-professionals. Karting is commonly perceived as the stepping shone to the higher and more expensive ranks of motor sports. In a Go-Kart, there are mainly seven parts including Chassis, Engine, Steering, Transmission, Tires and Brake, Electric Starter. The chassis is an extremely imported element of the kart, as it must provide, via flex, the equivalent of suspension to give good grip at the front. Chassis construction is normally of a tubular construction, typically GI with different grades.
So this project is basically to fabricate the engineering students so that they can know automobiles better and also this competition will motivate them towards their profession and finally will result into the overall development which will help them to be a very good automobile engineer. This event will be a best scope for novice in field of Automobile they will get a lot of knowledge and a experience too from this so, that they get a basic idea of automobile baby and then further can fabricate a car that to – a self made.
Indian Society of New Era Engineers is going to organize a Go-Kart Competition at National Level in which the Go-Kart will be designed and manufactured by the students only in extremely low budget and finally after the manufacturing a Dynamic Event consisting of several tests (like braking test, acceleration test, tilt test, noise test a, skip pad test,autocross etc.) will take place after which race of the selected teams will be organized.
During the every phase of event there will be many engineers and owners of industries witnessing the event and will be judging also, as it will really gonna be tough and interesting though.
Mission The Mission is to make students think and fabricate a go-kart with innovation and doing each and everything by their own with a team spirit. This event will give a opportunity to students who want to pursue Automotive sector as their field to know about various subsystems, their working, their designing and will enhance not only their Technical skills but also their Management side too. Event mission is to find the engineer in a student.
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