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About BioNRG International is a platform which provides all natural remedies, treatment methods and personalized consultations.
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Our highly trained professionals in Holistic, Pranic Healing, Acupressure and Naturopathy are dedicated to helping each individual with their own specific needs and to guide them along the way to radiant health, the primarily cause of illness can be the imbalance between the “Bio Electrical System” and “Bio Chemical System” in the body, these imbalances if becomes severe then it can be dangerous to our health and can even cause death.

We are available every day on phone/ email for your convenience. Our professionals are prepared to work with you on a walk-in basis.

Personalized Consultations

Confused about what supplements to take, and when and how to take them? The human body is an extremely complicated system made up of interwoven functions and organs. Professionally trained consultants can understand the human body as well as the nutrients that promote our body's well-being. Their guidance will help pave a smooth path towards attaining true health.

Our consultants will analyze many aspects of your health: your level of adaptability, level of protection, Yin and Yang balance, primary body functions such as digestion and sleep patterns, lifestyle organs and meridians, etc. They will then custom-craft a nutritional formulation to help restore balance to your body.

If you're interested in nurturing your body, mind and soul naturally so as to awaken your true inner power, it's time to consult us and get a personalized advice.

Modern Naturopathy & Philosophy

We at Bionrg International believe that living naturally has many benefits. It is best to live as naturally as possible. Living in harmony with nature helps to promote health and longevity. We believe it also helps us live a happier, more satisfying life. We live in an era where much of what we encounter is not natural. Our environment is often quite synthetic. Our food tends to be highly processed. Nevertheless, the modern era is also a golden era in terms of availability of natural products. But the question for most people is how to use them, what principles to follow in order to use them correctly so that we can derive the potential benefits from them.

Luckily, ancient naturopathy, long ago developed principles of living and health maintenance, which are as effective and practical today as they were in the past. For the first time in human history, virtually anyone can obtain the highest quality foods and herbs in the world. In the past, this was not possible even for the wealthy. You will get the most benefit from these great treasures of the earth if you know how they work.

Only natural products that meet specific qualifications are recommended by our consultants. For natural products to be recognized must have been found over many centuries of human use to meet six specific qualifications,

-Natural product must have anti-aging characteristics and must aid in the attainment of a long life.
-A natural product must have broad and profound health-promoting actions that result in a radiantly healthy life.
-A natural product must help balance our emotional and psychic energy so as to help improve one's state of spiritual and emotional well being and happiness.
-A natural product must have no negative side-effects when used reasonably, and therefore may be taken continuously over a long period of time if desired, yielding
-cumulative, long-term benefits.
-A natural product must taste good enough to be consumed easily and must be easily digestible and assailable.
-A natural product must contain such abundance that it can contribute to the building and maintenance of immune system in one who consumes it.

Company Profile

Bionrg International was established in March 2007 with a dedicated effort to excel standards of Health and wellness products. The Director of the company is Dr. Shashank Mittal holds specialization in Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis), Reiki, Tibetan Yoga and Meditation.


Bionrg International provides education, health-related products and consultation services.

This website is dedicated to educating seekers of natural health in the traditional theories, principles and practices, and to providing insight into the mechanisms of these theories, principles and practices by providing modern information, including scientific support. The fundamental principles can be learned by anyone. The scientific evidence in their support, however, is on-going. Studies on all aspects of health are relevant and shed light on these theories, principles and practices. Bionrg will continue to present this new data as it evolves.
Mission Our mission is to develop inner and outer growth that ensures a harmonious and balanced life. Through our efficient products and services we aim to provide people with abundant health, wealth and happiness along with the peace of mind.
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