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Description Until the 1940's, the center of brass
instrument manufacturing was Graslitz. This town
and the surrounding region were home for numerous factories
and workshops in which the local people found their employment. The instruments coming from this area soon became famous all over the world with export being the important issue from the very beginning. The main customers for brass and signal instruments made in Graslitz were military wind bands. The end of World War II also brought the sudden end for 150 years of successful history of instrument making in Graslitz. The instrument makers were scattered all over the world. Some of the Graslitz fugitives found their way to Bavaria. Thirteen instrument makers founded the
„Manufacturing Cooperative of Graslitz Instrument Makers Ltd.” in Waldkraiburg in 1946. They only had brought a few tools along, but combined rich and vast knowledge as the basis for the repair of brass instruments. Already after the first two years of their existence, they began to make their own instruments under the new brand name „Miraphone“.
The first brass instruments made by Miraphone were manufactured in a former ammunition factory.

By 1960 there were already 90 employees working for Miraphone. The speedy growth of the company was the reason for the big move in 1983 which took the whole factory into a brand new building. This allowed the instrument makers to combine their legacy from Graslitz with up-to-date technology. It is this combination of quality, tradition and innovation that helped Miraphone to position itself among the leading manufacturers of brass instruments within the global market. The global network of distributors established by
Miraphone over the past six decades provides the important
connection to our musicians. This is beneficial for all
parties involved. Suggestions and ideas of renowned artists are reported to Miraphone through their local or regional dealer, and they have considerable impact on the various research and design projects within the company.

The union of specific musical knowledge, business know-how
and modern technology has advanced Miraphone to one of the largest manufacturers of brass instruments.
Nobody knows what the future will bring –
neither does Miraphone. But one thing they know in Waldkraiburg for sure: quality is a value that outlives our time and never diminishes. The key to the quality of a musical instrument are the people that make these instruments. Their experience and handcraft skills have an influence on each individual instrument that leaves our production facilities in Waldkraiburg. In order to be able to secure this quality for generations of musicians to come, Miraphone accepts a number of apprentices each year. This procedure makes sure that the knowledge and tradition, which once came from Graslitz to Waldkraiburg, can be passed on from generation to generation.

In the long run Miraphone aims at securing and
establishing its pole position in high end quality products.
A stringent model strategy further improves current models
and continuously develops new products. A clear price structure also gets support from our dealers. These concepts will be corner stones for Miraphone’s success in the twenty-first century. Not one of our instruments leaves Miraphone’s production facilities if we are not wholly convinced of its flawless quality. With this credo Miraphone has considerably contributed to the world of bands and orchestras since its foundation in 1946. And we are also willing to actively do our best for the future of wind music.
Both amateur and professional musicians have an intimate
relationship with their instrument. It means more to
them than just a daily tool. And this is true for the co-workers at Miraphone, too: almost every employee plays a brass instrument and shares in the enthusiasm for wind music. Furthermore, Miraphone intensifies its
close cooperation with renowned artists worldwide to successfully continue the achieved results of research and design efforts.That way we are able to create musical instruments made by music lovers for music lovers.
Mission Miraphone is known as a leader in the high end professional instrument market, carrying a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and progressive innovation and will continue to uphold this level of tradition and dedication with new ideas, new products and improvements.
Overview Official facebook page of Miraphone eG. Imprint: http://www.miraphone.de/en/imprint.html
Phone +49 8638 9682-0
Web site www.miraphone.de

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