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About CSL Sofas official Facebook page. At CSL Sofas it's our aim to make buying your new sofa an enjoyable experience. www.csl-sofas.co.uk
Description Choosing the perfect sofa is no easy task, but buying it should be. To us, a sofa isn't just a sofa, it's something you live with everyday; so we want to make sure you find something you can't live without.

We put our heart and soul into all of our sofas, over 30,000 of them, to make sure you're just as crazy about yours as we are. With more than 5,000 fabrics and leathers to choose from, specialist help is on hand to make sure that your new sofa suits your lifestyle and durability needs as well as your tastes.

At CSL Sofas we offer unique services and support to make sure that you can have a lasting love affair with your perfect sofa.
Mission At CSL Sofas, we strive to create "The Ultimate Customer Experience".
Overview As a business, CSL Sofas are evolving all the time. We have a market leading vision, striving to create 'The Ultimate Customer Experience'. We have 25 stores nationwide with more stores opening soon plus our CSL Sofas Direct Team based at Head Office.
Phone 0800 140 40 40
Web site www.csl-sofas.co.uk

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