Mutter (Album)

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Description Mutter is the third album by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. It was released on April 2, 2001 through Motor Music. The album's cover image is a photograph of a dead fetus, which was taken by Daniel & Geo Fuchs. Overall the album has spawned six singles which is, by far, the most amount of singles released from any Rammstein album.Critical receptionIn 2005, Mutter was ranked number 324 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.Track listingThere are various editions of Mutter, each with different features: The Limited Tour Edition had the same cover, but red with the Rammstein logo embossed on the front. It also had a second CD with the following live tracks: "Ich will" – 3:57 "Links 2-3-4" – 4:54 "Sonne" – 4:42 "Spieluhr" – 5:27The Japanese edition had "Hallelujah" as a hidden track, found after "Nebel" (there is a two-minute intermission of silence). The track was later included in Resident Evil soundtrack, but does not appear in the film.Another Japanese edition had "Hallelujah" as a 12th track.The limited edition had a second CD with just one track, "Hallelujah", and a CD-ROM area featuring the "Sonne" video.A 12" vinyl version and a MC version were released, with the same tracklist (Side A = 1–6; B = 7–11)The Limited Tour Edition was also released as a double cassette set, with the second cassette containing the live tracks (Side A = 1–2; B = 3–4). Note: Some copies that have "Hallelujah" as a hidden track can not be played for unknown reasons. On April 3, 2010 Rammstein posted a video with an official translation of "Hallelujah" on their Facebook page, "in light of recent events".

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