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About HRMS is a dynamic society at UoM. Activities related to the Human Resource profession such as conferences, talks, debates amongst others are organised. Our team is motivated and all set to make a positive difference in your life. Cheers!

HRM being a novel programme of study at undergraduate level at the UoM, impelled the creation of an association which would act as a 'safety net' for emerging HR professionals, hence the HRMS. In line with its mission, 'Rising as WE Climb', it seeks to provide the framework to underpin the latter's development throughout the course of study and subsequently stretch out to do so at a wider level through weaving strong networks with professional HR associations.


-Develop forums through which students can learn from and network with prominent business leaders, alumni, and peers.
-Facilitate the professional development of students entering Human Resource Management careers.
-Develop a group of future HR professionals who have a common interest in furthering their professional development and the human resource management profession.
-Strive to increase awareness of the strategic importance of Human Resources and Organisational Dynamics in the corporate world.
-Ease communication between students, Faculty staff, alumni, and industry Representatives through the various events held throughout the school year.
-Provide a sense of social solidarity and cohesiveness among students interested in the field of Human Resources through networking events.
-Help students to obtain a placement in organisations.

2008/2009 - Mr. HURCHUND Ritesh Kumar / Mr.PERMAL Joanito
2009/2010 - Miss. BHEEROO Pooja
2010/2011 - Mr. MUNDLOLL Pritish
2011/2012 - Miss. RAMMA Jenisha Bye
2012/2013 - Miss. MOOLCHUND Neha Rishta Deepti
2013/2014 - Mr. DOORGAH Lavish Krishna
2014/2015 - Miss. ANACOOTEE Vilasha
2015/2016- Mr. RAMSAHAI Kamlesh
2016/2017- Mr. GOLAMY Abdool Rahman
Mission "Rising as WE Climb…"
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