Ginger & Sooner Tyler's English Shepherd Puppies

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About English Shepherd Puppies Litter 1 and 2. Born to Ginger and Sooner. First litter were born in April 2010 and the second litter in November 2010.
Description Litter 1 Born April 2010 - Timber, Cassidy, Sadie, Miss Julie, Sophie, Buster, Princess Daisy, Maggie
Litter 2 Born Nov 2010 - Rosie, Archie, Darwin, Tanya, Cooper, Angus & Chloe, Morey, Asher.

Ginger and Sooner belong to Cindy Tyler who lives on a beautiful property in Hollister, California. Ginger was born in June 2008 and is quite a leader and has matured into an all-around wonderful ES. She loves swimming and is very playful yet serious when there is work to do. Follows children around and herds them back to the play area when needed. She is a talker and voices her opinion while obeying. She is sable and white, weighs 55 lbs, and is 21.5 inches tall.

Shepherd's Way Wheeler x Brown's Gyp at Farm's Pride

Sooner was born December 2006 and is a very calm even-tempered ES. He is very affectionate, energetic and quite the protector of property & family and wants to be constantly by your side. He is quite a caretaker and he smiles all the time! He displays excellent ES instincts and qualities and is obedient and responsive. He is tri-color, weighs 45 lbs, and is 20.5 inches tall.

Ford's Chesney Buddy x Cimarron Queen of the Silver Dollar

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