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About 17-year-old girl from the Netherlands who sends free personalized bracelets to kids with life changing diseases, disorders or disabilities.
Description Hi! My name is Maaike.
I am a 17-year-old girl, Dutch inhabitant, Christian, daughter, sibling, student, friend, braceletgiver, childhood cancer advocate and a pediatric oncology nurse to become.

What is 'Tied Together'?
I make free personalized bracelets for children (till 18) all over the world who are fighting life changing diseases, disorders or disabilities
My goals are to cheer the children (+ families) up by showing a sign of support, to make new friends, spread awarenss for different situations but especially chilhood cancer.
The handmade bracelets are totally free and I am able to do this thanks to good-hearted people who seflessly donate to this cause. They are made from emrboidery thread and there is tape sticked on the back. Every bracelet is made with love and compassion and every bracelet takes multiple hours to be made.
Children can choose themselves what they would like to be on the bracelet, for example their name, a favourite animal, (an) encouraging word(s), etc. The colours can be chosen by the child as well.

I've always been interested in children's healthcare and in August 2013 I came up with this idea and I started right away.
The name 'Tied Together' came to my mind, because I tie the bracelets together and the kids and I get tied together by this act of love.
The logo (see top center) was created by my - always creative - sister. The name and the arm are red, white and blue: the colours of the Dutch flag. The circle is orangish: the Dutch national colour and goldish: the childhood cancer awareness colour.
The orangish/goldish circle is a sun; through the bracelets I hope to create a bright spot for the children, and a globe; I send bracelets to children all over the world (14 countries so far!).
The way the name is tied around the wrist represents the bracelets, and the letters look like they're made from embroidery thread: the type of thread I use to create the bracelets.

How can I support 'Tied Together'?
Follow the Instagram (@tiedtogetherbracelets) and check out the site (www.tiedtogetherbracelets.weebly.com)
Spread the word about 'Tied Together'.
Make a monetary donation (http://bit.ly/1p6pYvK) or donate embroidery thread (in that case, please contact me).
Let me know what you think of 'Tied Together!'
Support the children!

How can I request a bracelet?
Go here: http://tiedtogetherbracelets.weebly.com/request-a-bracelet.html read the need-to-knows and fill in the 'Request a bracelet!' form
Here's an online queue where you can see your position in the queue: http://scribbless.com/lists/list/239423

Who are the bracelets for?
Who can request a bracelet?
I am having a problem with the bracelet request form... help!
Are you really doing this all by yourself?
How long does it take before the bracelet I requested is finished?
My name is not in the queue and I have not received the bracelet yet!
I think this is super awesome and I want to support you somehow!
I know you focus on childhood cancer especially. What can I do to help vanquish childhood cancer?

You wanna have the answers? Check them out at http://tiedtogetherbracelets.weebly.com/faq.html !
Web site http://www.tiedtogetherbracelets.weebly.com

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