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Description まるで天使の羽のように魅力的な尾びれを纏う金魚は、水の中で泳いで初めて美しく生きるのです。SIMPATICA(シンパチカ)のブランドが目指している服・・・人は服を着て動き、そして、それぞれの立ち振る舞いの中で、初めて美しさを醸しだせる・・・これこそがSIMPATICAのブランドマークである金魚なのです。

The goldfish that wears a caudal fin as attractive as angel's wing lives beautifully only after it swims in water. Clothes at which the brand of SIMPATICA ・・・ The person can move putting on clothes, and cause beauty for the first time in each behaving ・・・ It is a goldfish whose only this is a brand mark of SIMPATICA.

Our logo is 土佐錦魚 ( tosa-kin goldfish )
Tosa-kin is protected species in Japan.
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Azur Co., Ltd.
Fashion company in Nagoya Japan.
Our shop is located near Nagoya station.(10 mins on foot )

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