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About Dr. Farzad Rouhani as a registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner is specialized in a variety of disease and conditions providing electro acupuncture,cupping,massage & herbal medicine.
Description What can Chinese medicine treat:

Stress and psychological disorders
Musculoskeletal and pain disorders
Neurological disorders
Cardiovascular disorders
Respiratory disorders
Digestive Disorders
Urogenital disorders
Gynecological disorders
Fertility Support
Skin Disorders

what type of massage do we offer:
Assuming you could walk to the sun it would take about 2000 years. There are easier ways to feel your muscles melt and gain the glow that comes from relaxation and wellbeing, inside and out!

Try an hour or more of head-to-toe massage at Healing Acupoints – there’s a technique to suit the needs of every body:

Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Massage) involves the treatment of individual muscle groups, surrounding key joints, to relax you and return mobility to your body.

Relaxation Oil Massage will soothe you from head to toe with aromatic oils to leave your skin feeling soft and supple and your mind blissfully calm.

Deep Tissue Massage releases fatigued and tense muscles through more intense pressure – it’s the ideal choice for tired and achy bodies or those who play sports.

Price List:
First consultation and treatment/ 1 hour $80 including Acupuncture, massage and cupping
Second Visit client return if needed fot 45 min $60

Normal Massage where is needed 30 min $30
45 min $40

Full deep tissue Massage and Oil special deal: 30 min was $60 now $35
60 min was $110 now $55

Phone 42191704 or 0425040410
Web site http://healingacupoints.weebly.com/bookings.html

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