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About Home of the Tembo 4x4 Roofracks!
Don't settle for less !!
Mission Our foundation for success is simply Design Without Compromise. We won’t compromise our integrity, the quality in which we build, and most importantly, we won’t compromise our client’s satisfaction.
Overview The Tembo 4x4 products are available throughout Europe via our professional retail dealer network.

Tembo 4x4 & FD 4x4 Centre offer automotive solutions for fleet customers, mining applications, special conversions, bespoke products produced in Europe and fitted in our own workshop or on location.
Tembo 4x4 & FD 4x4 Centre are conveniently located in The Netherlands and export worldwide!

Professional and fleet customers please visit our special fleet equipment pages and feel welcome to contact us direct.

Phone +31 (0) 497 76 00 30
Web site http://www.tembo4x4.com

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