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About Mike & Mai Wedding and Events Photography focuses on capturing those candid and special moments that define an event. This includes Weddings, Birthdays, Debut, Product Launching, and Corporate Events.
Description Our photo business started out with Mike working in fashion, glamor and portraiture, and Mai captured landscapes during her travels. Combining these 2 genres, and going into the wedding industry, we were able to capture the moments of couples in unique angles, and we'd love to do that for you too!

We at Mike & Mai Photography look for those fun moments that could tickle your funny bone as you look through our pictures, we aim to capture those special and endearing moments where you could go "Aww" and we aim to immortalize on digital film those moments that could make you shed happy tears once you see them again in your album.

We not only cover weddings, but we also aim to assist the couple and organizers in making the celebration a worthwhile experience for the couple and guests. Being part of a big partnership of suppliers in Tagaytay and Manila, Mike & Mai takes it to heart in maintaining its core value in providing quality creative services with a smile.

"Your Story. Our Images. Capturing moments to tell your story." This is our motto, and we do our best to creatively capture your moments that would always bring you back to that one special milestone in your lives.
Mission Our mission is to be among the best in the Events and Wedding Photography industry by capturing those candid and special moments for the celebrants.
Overview Weddings, Birthdays and Baptismal events are our specialty, but we also love to cover corporate events like anniversaries and fun-filled-and-outstanding Christmas parties. We take care of capturing those special moments like when a mother sheds a tear as her son or daughter approaches the altar at a wedding, or something as fun as a group of people laughing together.
Phone +63939 915 9691
Web site www.mikeandmaiphoto.com

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