CHENG CHIA Industrial CO., LTD Manufacture of show rack & store equipment.

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Description Design and manufacture of a varitey of show racks for commodities.
Cheng Chia Industrial Co., was established in 1976. Both the company's main office and factory are located in Tai Ping, Taichung, Taiwan. Cheng Chia's areas of specialism are the design and manufacture of a range of show racks for the food industry hardware goods, art artifacts displays, household appliances, stationery, books and many others.

Our consistent growth is testament of our capabilities.
From large surface hypermarkets to fashionable music stores, Cheng Chia display racks have found their rightful place in international retail markets around the world. Providing secure and easy fastening, these product display racks help create interest in places that normally go unnoticed. With a splendid selection, Cheng Chia Racking Systems have been developed to suit individual retail needs, be it through form, function and/ or material.
Cheng Chia has developed product stands, display racks, stocking racks, magazine & promotional literature racks, shelving, basket racks and other store fixures for multiple retail store types and space usage optimization.



Mission Business is growing fast and the field of operations management is ever changing and improving. With increasing links of transportation the world is getting smaller and smaller. In order to respond to customers' needs and help them increase their profitability, Cheng Chia are constantly seeking to improve and create new products. Kevin Wang, President of Cheng Chia Industrail Co. Ltd., says that the company's operation management policy is centered around the core values of quality and service.
With more than three decades of servicing the industry, Cheng Chia can rely on years of experience to support its clients through each process, from production to shipment.
In fact, there is very little Cheng Chia doesn't do. As an integral part of the business' structure, Cheng Chia implements a Customer Service System which leaves nothing unattended; short lead-time OEM and ODM solutions, ubique customized designs, rapid mock-up sample fabrication and shipping logistics. These services give the clients freedom to request intricate designs whatever the size, colour and style they may need.
It is the very idea that each and every one of Cheng Chia's clients should get unparalleled attention and personal assistance in all business related matters that has enabled the company to grow every year.

事實上, 正佳的產品線包羅萬象。身為企業結構的整合份子,正佳更實施客戶服務系統,讓課服務更加無微不至:OEM及ODM快速交貨解決方案,客製化設計、快速製模及樣本製作、及運輸物流。針對尺寸、顏色、樣式等複雜設計,這些服務提供客戶更大的彈性。
正佳 秉持客戶至上的精神,全方位滿足客戶所有需求,同時讓本公司業務日益蒸上。
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