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About Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital is Western India's first NABH accredited 240 bedded quaternary care superspeciality hospital.
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Even before the inaugural stone was laid on the foundations of Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, in the first flush of the new millennium, everyone associated with it could see that it was a more sublime affair than mere brick and mortar.

And with very good reason. When a yet-to-be-born hospital , -however swanky, however massive, - aspires to mirror the long and illustrious career of a titan in the field, the usual concerns of hospital management and business blue-printing are the first to go out of the window. Not a single act of its coming into being stays mundane; everything is, inevitably, a question of honour. One chooses the nobler and brighter options over practical and gainful ones, choices that are worthy of the name it is founded on.

And when it is a tribute to an iconic father by his almost equally accomplished sons, it even transcends the question of honour. It becomes an act of love.


Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, founded in honour of the living legend, Padma Bhushan Dr. L. H. Hiranandani, came into existence in February 2004.
The challenge of the early days was enormous, to foster the fledgling hospital into an enduring symbol of healthcare in the country. We recognised early on that to make a real and substantial contribution one had to redefine the standards themselves- instead of doing more of the same. That set the tone of our endeavour and guided us every step of the way, luring us towards ambitious solutions service teamwork and quality suited us.
The results were quick to show. In 2007 we became the first hospital in Western India to receive the prestigious NABH Accreditation for hospitals and healthcare providers- an honour accorded to only eight hospitals in the country at the time. The IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award trophy, for excellence in healthcare, followed in 2008. In 2009, we were the proud recipients of the coveted International Asia Pacific Quality Award (The Malcolm Baldridge Award as it known outside the United States).


It is an established enough fact that at the heart of the Hiranandani mission, in any sector, is the passionate commitment to stay on a par with the best global standards. Predictably, the theme reflects on nearly everything we undertake at the Hospital – the first initiative of the Hiranandani Group in healthcare. From basic medical equipment to the most complex surgical procedure, we are informed and enhanced by the foremost innovations in patient care the world over. Our nationally and internationally renowned surgeons solve, daily, some of the most intractable patient crises, assisted by the cutting-edge technology at their disposal. Consequently, today Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital has emerged as one of the pre-eminent healthcare resources in India.
Our vision for the future, however, rests on a very simple principle – it is the belief that the quality of healthcare you have access to, surely, is the quality of your life. It is the bigger picture that matters, and so that is the direction we are committing all our explorations to.
Especially since we have the reach, the depth, and of course the pedigree to bring you the finest care there is.

Your Family Superspeciality Hospital

As a multi-speciality tertiary and quaternary care hospital, we are proud to identify ourselves as a frontline provider of comprehensive healthcare. Within the short but dynamic span of 7 years we have grown from a 130-bed hospital to a formidable 240-bed facility. Our recent expansion, which saw significant investments in the most innovative technology, leagues us with the best hospitals in the world.

Today, Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital is home to some of the leading specialists in contemporary medicine, as well as a committed nurse workforce with an up-to-date knowledge base. All our medical equipment, pivotal in maintaining the cutting-edge in technological excellence, is sourced from the world’s very best vendors.

Our newly introduced specialty programmes include:

Advanced Cancer Care
International Oncology Services Pvt. Ltd. (IOSPL) brings world class cancer care at Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital. It is a new, dedicated facility, a one-stop specialist centre providing a range of cancer treatment options like radiation, medical treatment, surgical treatment and bone marrow transplant.

Centre for Advanced Dental Surgery
Our new dental facility is a premier centre for specialist dental care. It houses a number of specialty departments, working together to provide the full spectrum of advanced dental treatment - from complex corrective measures to special aesthetic solutions.

Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Centre
Our rehabilitation and sports medicine centre is a new, state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped for high-quality care customised for unique patient needs.
Ophthalmology Centre
The new ophthalmology centre welcomes patients to one of the most sophisticated eye care facilities in the region, offering a range of specialised ophthalmological services.

Executive Health Check
We are now delighted to offer comprehensive health check-up packages, tailored to meet the needs of busy professionals and their families. Importantly all the services are provided under one roof

New Generation of Patient Rooms
Our new patient rooms are designed for maximum comfort and privacy, with access to a host of new amenities. In addition to world-class accommodation and a warm ambience, our rooms feature a superior nurse call system, outfitted with the best that modern technology has to offer. The focus being patient safety so the nurses are capable of electronically monitoring a patient’s condition from the nurse station and simultaneously the Intensive Care Unit also monitors the patient’s condition. Any adverse turn of events can be addressed very quickly

Over the past several years we have successfully sought the most efficient, most proactive and most ethical solutions to our patients’ needs, which brought us to a place of glory and laurels. In truth, the dividing line between a good hospital and a great one is often subtle. But by holding ourselves to the most honourable professional standards at any given time, we rather trust ourselves to be among the latter.
Mission To be the prefered choice for healing and good health
Phone +91 22 2576 3300
Web site www.hiranandanihospital.org

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