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About Luxury, opulence and magnificence is what 'Rossoyuki' stands for. Every Rossuyuki piece is created with utmost precision and ceaseless determination to produce something spectacular.
Description Intricately woven by skilled artisans in the fine Gutermann thread, on a bed of the purest form of micro beads from Japan, the Rossoyuki bag is a personification of elegance and an asset to your collection. From breathtakingly beautiful embroidery to an exclusive Limited Edition Collection to a unique range that independently highlights the beaded creations, Rossoyuki is a multi faceted brand that allows its striking pieces to speak for themselves. The glamourous Rossoyuki pieces possess an innate ability to bring out the poise and grace of the individual personality in an effortless fashion. This is solely credited to the intricate detailing and the meticulous finish with the use of Swarovski crystals that goes into making every product.
Mission Wearing another creature’s skin is inhumane and cruel. Rossoyuki hopes to encourage humane fashion, which uses skilled artisans and creative designers to portray the beauty of animals onto accessories with the use intricate hand beading and high quality faux leathers and furs.
Overview The unique name is an amalgamation of the Italian word “Rosso” meaning ‘Red’ and the Japanese word “Yuki” that stands for ‘Snowflake’. The combining words of red snowflakes symbolize the continuous shower of eclectic yet classic designs that will be created by the house of “Rossoyuki.”

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