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About A non-profit, non-governmental, cultural association established in 1995 to promote and diffuse the study of Asian cultures
Description The Asiatica Association is a non-profit, non-governmental, cultural association, which has been established to promote and diffuse the study of the Asian cultures. It is open to all bona fide scholars whose interest is the knowledge of Asian countries and the encounter between Asian values, Human Rights values, and Western values.
Mission The Asiatica Association is a structure established to facilitate collaborative, creative, scholarly action. Working together, we all share resources and create a whole, from which we will all derive benefits that would otherwise be impossible. Everyone should take responsibility for advancing the mission: the scholarly study of Asian cultures in order to create an international debate on the subject, and create a channel of communication between science and media, between scholarly production and NGOs activities, and between religious thought and/or ethical thought.

Through the Asiatica Association we publish our electronic and hard copy journals, The International Journal of Tantric Studies and the Journal of South Asia Women Studies, monographs, translations, new editions, reports, conference volumes, collection of papers, catalogs, and whatever serves our purpose.

We distribute our worldwide publications via the Internet and via traditional means of diffusion such as commercial distributors, libraries, public institutions, established publishers, and so on. The Asiatica Association also acts as a coordinating and communication center to connect people, information, ideas and resources.

When you join the Asiatica association, you become a member of the world community of professional or amateur scholars. Working together, we identify what is most wanted and needed in the Asiatica community, and set about to make it so.

When you join the association, members assume responsibility for advancing the mission: to help people help the Asiatica help people.
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