Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah

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Description Syed Muhammad Sabir Shah or more commonly as Pir Sabir Shah Mashwani is a Pakistani politician from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. He served as the 18th Chief Minister of the province from 20 October 1993 to 25 February 1994.FamilyPir Sabir Shah hails from a religious family of Sirikot in Haripur. His father Pir Hafiz Syed Muhammad Tayyab Shah was the son of great saint Pir Hafiz Syed Muhammad Ahmad Shah. Pir Ahmad Shah served his spiritual guide and teacher Khwaja Abdul Rahman Choharvi a saint of Hazara from Qadiri dynasty of Sufism in the vicinity of Haripur city for many years and then he was assigned to preach the teachings of Islam at Chittagong, Bengal. He went to Bengal and lived there for many years preaching the teachings of Islam. Many Bengalis embraced Islam on his hands and many of the weak believing became practising Muslims. Pir Tayyab Shah, the lonely son of Muhammad Ahmad Shah, got his education and spiritual training from his father. He led a simple life and brought change into the lives of people interacting through love for humanity, peace and preaching of justice among the fellow beings. This gave him a status of a leader among his tribemen and others. Every now and then when a dispute would arise among the people, they would come for a verdict from Pir Muhammad Tayyab Shah.After the death of his father, Pir Tayyab Shah became the spiritual leader of the followers of his father. And a famous madrasa in South Asian Sub-continent founded by (Grand Father of Pir Sabir Shah) Allama Hafej Syed Ahmed Shah Sirikoti in 1954, name Jamea Ahmadia Sunnia Alia. Now it is one of the biggest Islamic institution in Bangladesh. 3,000 of students (male). Another Girls complex is situated in a near distance to the Jamea.

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