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About Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center heals the body and mind by getting to the root of the problem and using herbs to heal.
Description Earendil M. Spindelilus R.N.D, M.H., C.R.

I have always had a deep and abiding interest in the Plant Kingdom. Even very young I loved the way the herbs held the mystery of healing within them and how I could learn about them. I traveled around the world learning from different cultures their own unique floras and how they incorporated them into the daily lives. With each new herb I learned how special the world is and how Nature supplies us with all we need.
In the 1990s I decided to take my education further and enrolled in the School and Natural Healing, the College of Herbal Medicine. I graduated in 1999 with my Master Herbalist. Shortly thereafter, I opened our first clinic.

It has always been a great joy meeting with our clients. We are all meant to live a happy, healthy life and when we allow our body to perform it's innate ability to heal itself then this can happen.

Peggy Spindelilus, Family Herbalist

Peggy has always had an inborn ability to heal and to nurture. For years she remained a wonderful assistant helping me in the clinic. The clients have always responded well to her. After years of helping me she finally decided to take it a step further and enrolled in the School of Natural Healing, the College of Herbal Medicine. She has to date received her certification as a Family Herbalist.


Walking with the Plant Kingdom for a better way of living

Herbal Medicine for a naturally healthy life

As our lives are becoming more hectic with higher demands from our work,
family and even our day-to-day living our physical and mental health are
increasingly challenged leading to stress, exhaustion and sometimes even

Herbal Medicine offers a safe, natural and effective treatment to
balance and restore the body back to its optimal heath. It can help with
anything from acute to chronic long-term illnesses or simply restore
health and vitality and assist the body to cope with demands of everyday

To find out how Herbal Medicine can help You please contact me for
further information and we can discuss your individual case.

Throughout history herbs have been used for healing the human condition. Since the days of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who also was an herbal healer, plants have found their way into our homes and clinics around the world.
The definition of an herb is simply any plant which can used for culinary, fragrant or medicinal purposes. Our focus at Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center is educating the public on the historical applications of plants. Traditionally, herbs have been used to treat illnesses diverse as colds, flu, cancer, auto-immune diseases, wounds and the plague. The information we pass on here is used to increase public awareness and to simulate debate on the topic of health.

At Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center we believe in studying the traditionally used herbs which adhere to the three following rules:
1. ) Non-toxic
2. ) Non-poisonous
3. ) Non-habit forming

In unision with the above guidelines, we also teach the principles of a proper diet and exercise. A wholistic or whole body approach is the principle of our education program.

"I believe that the gentle, yet effective properties of plants can help
to support the body's own restorative powers, by targeting the
underlying cause of the condition. I treat a variety of conditions but I
always consider a holistic approach seeing every patient as an individual."
- Looking forward to meeting you!

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