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About JNBK – Dedicated to the building up of revolutionary brake products. | 革新的なブレーキパーツの建物までに捧げ。
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Description JNBK has been expanding the product range of brake parts for Japanese, Korean, European, American, and other Asian manufactured cars. Setting JNBK’s focus on Japanese vehicles’ brake parts, JNBK has also put in every effort to reach out to more brake parts for vehicles from around the world.

Brakes are one of the most key safety parts of vehicles, and it is essential to ensure that parts like brake pads, shoes, lining, and rotors, are of high reliability and quality.
Overview Advanced technology and skills have been adopted to manufacture high quality and reliable JNBK brake parts.
JNBK brake parts are manufactured specifically applicable for a wide range of automobiles by world’s automakers, mainly Japanese automakers’ vehicles, as well as Korean, European, American, and other Asian automakers’ vehicles.

自動車・車輌用ブレーキパーツ - 各種ディスクブレーキパッド、ブレーキシューセットの製造・販売。– JNBK
Web site www.jnbk-brake.com

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