Playmakers Tennis Academy

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Description Playmakers Tennis Academy was designed for players pursuing a tennis career at the professional or collegiate level. The training schedule is dictated on a seasonal basis and is created based on each individual player’s needs and abilities. Students receive technical, tactical, mental and physical training, goal setting, college scholarship assistance and tournament coaching. Playmaker players are trained to practice and compete with a positive, winning attitude that carries over into their competition play and in every other aspect of their life!
Mission Create a culture where players have extraordinary opportunities to learn and work hard so they can achieve their ultimate tennis goals.
Overview We believe that through sports children learn the greatest lessons in life. Sports teach the individual that success is a result of hard work and determination. At PLAYMAKERS, our coaches are able to teach athletes how to create discipline in their lives, establish a strong work ethic, create a sense of self-esteem, and learn to fight through the inevitable adversity they encounter on and off the court. We provide all the necessary tools for our athletes to reach within and discover where their true chance of greatness lies.
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