Lacorte Manpower Training Center Inc.

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About LMTC Offers the following Technical short Courses: - WELDING (SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW) - PIPE FITTING These courses are designed to enhance the knowledge, desirable attitudes and skills of a WELDER/PIPEFITTER in accordance with industry standards.
Description For more information, contact our numbers @ (043) 703-0474. (043) 783-1269. 0905 - 336 - 1420
Regarding our school requirements for trainees:
- photo copy of form 137 or TOR
- Photo copy of birth certificate
- 2pcs. 1x1 pic. white background with collar
- NBI or Police clearane

The mission of LACORTE MANPOWER TRAINING CENTER INCORPORATION is to provide an innovative, high-quality education to students of industrial vocational course preparing them for successful careers and rewarding lives; to create, integrate and disseminate knowledge and technology appropriate to our fields; to continuously improve our programs of study and the quality of the students' educational experience; and apply our knowledge to serve society locally, regionally, and nationally.


The LACORTE MANPOWER TRAINING CENTER will be recognized as the leading institution for industrial vocational course by prospective students, employers, other academic institutions and research sponsors. We will be recognized for rigorous programs of study provided in a student-friendly environment by a student-centered faculty and staff.
Phone (043) 703-0474 (LMTC-LIPA) , (043) 783-1296 (LMTC-BATANGAS) , 0905 - 336 - 1420

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