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About SY 2014-2015 Theme: Holiness, Heroism, Homecoming
Description The Catholic preschool of the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish
Mission As an educational institution bearing and proclaiming Christ’s truth, Veritas Parochial School commits itself to build and sustain a foundation that will

• form individuals who have a deep and genuine devotion to Jesus Christ,
his Catholic Church, and Mother Mary through its extended parish community and Christian Living as the core of the curriculum;
• raise the bar in Mathematics and Languages education through appropriately advanced programs of instruction;
• challenge individuals to transfer learning of science and technology to real-world applications and thus solve real-world problems;
• spark all Veritans to lead in programs and projects that call for unconditional service to society’s marginalized communities, and creative management of ideas and resources that preserve, propagate and celebrate Filipino and global citizenship through a confluence of national, international, and universal values and initiatives.

Overview Veritas Parochial School's Preschool Department:
-solid Catholic foundation
-Developmentally-Appropriate Curriculum
-Multiple Intelligence Centers
-strong Home-School Relations

The ECE Unit of Veritas Parochial School aims to form a preschool child who

1. Towards Catholic Parish-linked formation
a. knows and loves God as his Father, Jesus as his Brother, and Mary as his Mother
b. emulates the virtues of Angels

2. Towards Proficiency in Maths and Languages
a. manifests mathematical skill
b. expresses himself well both in English and Filipino

3. Towards Proficiency in the Sciences, Technology, and the Arts
a. is clean and well-coordinated
b. cares for the environment
c. understands the basic concepts of science and technology
d. creates simple works of art
4. Towards Social Transformation
a. knows and loves his country, the Philippines
b. is kind, polite and responsible
c. is clean and coordinated
d. thrives in a cooperative environment
e. works independently
f. understands the needs of, and cares for, the environment

Phone 8424258, 8096236 (fax), 7722966 (preschool)
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