Kentucky Warriors Youth Basketball Organization LLC

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About The Kentucky Warriors Youth Basketball Org. offers year-round girls & boys (ages 3 to 19) skills training, team practices and AAU or REC league teams.
Description The Kentucky Warriors Youth Basketball Organization offers year round basketball skills training, specialized training, team practices and team leagues. For both boys and girls, beginners to elite players, ages 3 to 19. We offer both AAU teams and REC teams, our AAU teams are for advanced and elite players and our REC teams are for intermediate and advanced players, both leagues are available to play in year-round. We offer year-round weekly league games, team practices and basketball skills training. The Kentucky Warriors also offer specialized jump/agility/speed training that will improve your athleticism. Our basketball organization is for players that want to make the commitment to do the necessary work to improve their individual and team basketball skills. With the goal being to constantly learn and improve to make it to the next level in their playing career.

Then, through dedicated training and practice in players school and youth basketball careers, have the goal of earning an athletic or academic college scholarship. We stress that student-athletes put academics first and athletics second during their school careers. Athletics can end in a moment, academics are for life. Contact for more information

For donation or sponsorship information, to help us grow our organization, please contact Ben Coffman at or 859-640-6458.
Mission To teach student-athletes how to become better students, players, teammates and individuals. We are not just about winning. We are about winning and learning. We want to teach more than just basketball, we want our athletes to learn how to succeed in the game of life as well. Our goal is to produce outstanding student-athletes that go on to college with an athletic or academic scholarship, graduate college and become a success in life! To offer an amateur sports program for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.
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