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About Baldivis Eyes on our Neighbourhood
Our aim is to keep our neighbourhood safe and keep eyes open to help everyone around us.
Description Welcome to the Baldivis Eyes on our Neighbourhood page.

If you have liked our page please read our guidelines so that everyone is comfortable to use it.

Baldivis Eyes on our Neighbourhood

Is here to report anything stolen or any suspicious behavior you have encountered, or any community issues you have.

Please follow the below guidelines when commenting on any posts

Please do not:

-Post anything or comment on any posts that could be considered offensive, prejudice, repetitive, provoking, defamation or in any way inappropriate.

-Swear. We need important information shared not offensive language.

-Harass or make any personal attacks against any of our users. Everyone is entitled to the opinion provided its within our guidelines.

-Speculate or comment on sentencing or legislation. Many of the matters we post about on this page may go before the courts, it is inappropriate to discuss or debate the legislation or potential sentencing related to them.

-Reveal any information about any other users on this page. Divulging any information regarding crimes or their victims can be distressing for them and/or their family. Please remember these sensitivities before you post or comment.

-Repost other people's appeals, requests or offers. Or anything else that could be considered spam.

-Link to other Facebook pages, any non-government or off topic pages.

-Report any offensive material on Facebook to this page. Or post any links to it. Complaints about offensive material should be made directly to Facebook.

Any comments deemed to unfit under these definitions will be subject to deletion. Users found to be repeatedly engaging in the above activities will be banned from this page.
Please remember is page is for information only, do not report crimes here.

-For emergencies call 000 or to report any non-urgent matters call Police Assistance Centre on 131 444

For reporting all items that have been stolen eg:
And much more
Please leave full descriptions on the wall of WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT.

DO NOT POST information like:
-Your address
-Your partner works away
-You live alone/single mother/elderly Edit Description

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