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About Mindful Learning on an Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.
Description MINDFUL FARM, situated in a peaceful valley near Samoeng, 75 km north-west of the Chiang Mai city, welcomes you to stay with us to learn about a simple way of life, organic farming, mud-brick construction, vegetarian cooking, meditation and Buddhism. The farm is run by a former Thai monk, Chinnaworn, and his Japanese partner, Noriko. They have a little baby girl, Nobara.

Mindful Farm is not only a place where vegetables and fruit grow to nourish the body, but also where seeds of mindfulness are planted and tended to for the heart and spirit. Being in a peaceful environment, free from distractions we can see what parts of our mind may need to be ‘weeded’, and which seeds need to be watered so that they can grow into peaceful flowers for us and all we meet to enjoy. In the farm, meditation and mindfulness can be put into every day practice.

Mindfulness is a word used in connection with Buddhism and meditation. It means to be in the present moment. It is being really aware of what we are doing while we are doing it. As a method for cultivating mindfulness – meditation is a vital part of the daily life at Mindful Farm.

Come and join us! Let’s learn together!
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