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About PLEASE NOTE “Views expressed on this website are mine alone and don’t necessarily reflect the views of my employer. For guest services related requests or other queries please go to Carnival‘s website.”
Description From the Bronx New York. Parkchester to be exact, to mainstream vacations in 20 years.. My passion and love to entertain drive me. I am that funny guy you had in school with all the crazy antics, that class clown. I have lots of great friends who have supported me over the years.

My first taste of cruising dates all the way back to the days of Empress Cruise Lines. I had the opportunity to work with a great family who took me under their wing, and gave me the opportunity to grow. I was very hands on with them, and this gained me the experience I needed.

I have held many jobs in my life... as early as 16 with Mc. Donald's to dishwasher, Bag boy at grocery store, waiter, retail, bar tender, casino dealer, social director, personal assistant, Nightclubs, limo and bus driver. Sold Christmas Trees, shoveled snow. Everything.. And I am proud of every single job and opportunity I had.

Been with the wonderful company of Carnival all my adult life. I started out as a Social Host and worked my way up the ranks.

Im at the highest point I can get with my position, unless I would like to work shore side and in the office. Right now I am truly having an amazing time on the Carnival Freedom where I call my home.

I am a natural clown, and love to make people laugh.. Its my biggest challenge... If I see that someone is not smiling or laughing, Im not accomplishing my mission. However I am when it comes to being humorous and sarcastic (My New York humor), I truly care about my guests. My loyal guests are my strongest asset. Without my team, and my loyal guests Im not who I want to be.

Travel is my passion after entertaining. I have traveled to many unique places with and without Carnival. This company has been a stepping stone when it comes to traveling to Europe. I have been very fortunate to meet some really good friends in Africa, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, UK, South America, Italy, Montenegro and more. Travel is limitless....

My future is undecided for now, as I truly enjoy the stage... Lets see where it takes me... Thank you for being a friend!
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