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Description Blokesworld is an Australian television lifestyle series. It was originally shown on Channel 31 in 2003, and is currently shown on One and Aurora Community Television channel on the pay TV network Foxtel in late night timeslots. It is also long-running in New Zealand on Triangle TV and Face TV.ShowThe creators and main presenters of Blokesworld are "Ado" and "Ben Wah", however in recent seasons Ben Wah appears in fewer segments. The format of the show is based around regular segments that focus on subjects like motor sports, motorsport & music events, exotic dancing, sports shooting, and unique aspects of Australian culture and society. In most episodes a connecting theme is interspersed among these segments.HistoryBlokesworld began as a slow-paced, low-budget Saturday night program on the national community network Channel 31 in 2003. The concept of the show stemmed from Ado and Ben Wah's newfound interest in dirt biking, following years of playing in bands together and dabbling in music journalism. They had the idea that Australian television needed a more "bloke friendly" program, and set about completing six episodes of a show that combined the dirt biking theme with pole dancing, discussion on all matter of trucks and cars, and various other "blokey" subjects. The episodes were then submitted to Channel 31, in hopes that a late-night slot could be secured. When Channel 31 suggested that six more episodes be made in order to constitute a full series, Ado and Ben Wah moved production into the former's Queensland home and took odd jobs to make ends meet. Blokesworld began on Channel 31 in February 2003. Much of the funding for the series at the time came from sponsorship deals with companies such as Globe and 1-800 Reverse.
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