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About Quality European skull mounts at a reasonable price.
Description I started hunting at an early age, mostly squirrel and rabbit. I killed my first deer at age 11 and was immediately hooked. I killed several good bucks, but not quite nice enough to shoulder mount. I hated to saw the antlers off so I decided to learn the art of European skull mounts. It is much cheaper than a shoulder mount and actually shows the antlers much better.

I have done several mounts for myself and word got around of the quality look of the deer skulls I was doing. Some of my friends and co-workers started having me do some work for them. By the end of deer season, I have half a freezer full of deer heads.

It is somewhat time consuming and can be a nasty job, but I enjoy looking at the finished product.

My true love other than my family is turkey hunting. I try not to do any deer skulls from March-end of April, because most of my free time is spent with my family or chasing long beards.

I also offer turkey fan, beard, and spur mounts at a reasonable price. I can also build custom panels or plaques (arrowhead, state of Alabama, or stump cut). Many customers have put their own skulls on one of my plaques. The cost of the plaque/panel may be a bit more, but you can see the quality and uniqueness in the finished product. All plaques are hand made and NOT mass produced. See for yourself and take a look at some of my work.
Thanks Ray!

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