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About Официјална Facebook страница на Simply Delicious Gourmet Treats :) Simply Delicious Gourmet Treats official Facebook Page :)
Description The Simply Delicious mission is to give our customers a delightful taste experience by providing consistently delicious, high quality products, made with the best quality ingredients. We use real butter, cream and chocolate, and no added preservatives.

In addition to our shop, our products can be enjoyed at the following locations:
Experience Cafe - Plostad Makedonija (All products)
Barbakan Restaurant - Mida Complex - Illindanska (Cakes Only)
Dish Restaurant - Zebra Mall (Cakes only)
Nobu Restaurant - Debar Malo (Cakes only)
Coffeeshop Company - Soravia, (Sistina - muffins, cookies, brownies)
Caffe di Roma - St. Makedonija

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