Yàng Young Guì (YYG)

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About Malaysia's one-stop hub specializing in the wholesale and retail of costumes and children apparels
Overview Yàng Young Guì - A brand that raises eyebrows and sparks curiosity. Patrons usually do a careful double-take, uncertain of the meaning of this name.

Yàng Young Guì is derived from the Chinese language. In Mandarin, the direct translation of Yàng Young Guì means ‘everything is expensive’. Those who are Chinese literate find it unbelievable that this shop bears such a name. WHY? That is the question that will inevitably comes to mind.

Yàng Young Guì has firmly etched its name in customers’ hearts all these years. It has never been advertised and it never once put up the ‘SALE’ sign. The sole form of publicity is through word-of-mouth of the shop’s loyal patrons. So, what kept them coming back for more? Why does this shop deserve credits from them?

YYG’s customers are highly sophisticated and have a keen sense for the finer things in life. They are here because Yàng Young Guì emphasizes on creating value. Quality of the products sold is never compromised. YYG take great pride in knowing that they bring smiles to people’s face.

It is a little known fact that Yàng Young Guì has other meanings too. For one, all patrons are ‘贵宾Guì pin’ (VIP) to the shop. YYG praises both its patrons and products of being ‘高贵gao Guì’ (Elegant). It is a name that transcends beyond the cultural boundaries. In fact, 樣樣贵 might be one of the first Chinese words you master!
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Web site http://www.yyg.my

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