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About Proprietor: Cooky Rizwan, Co - Proprietor: Salman Rizwan
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Hey there friends, or should I specifically imply dog lovers!!! I am sure that most of you who are acquainted with me must be quite surprised by coming across my interest in dogs’ care and sales. But let me enlighten you all with the fact that I am a voracious dog lover, just like my Papa, since I was a little kid. My Papa has been in love with pets since forever, and I guess I take after him. I have named this kennel as 'SHERWOOD KENNEL' because Papa owned this kennel in his youth and when I was a little kid, we used to have around seventeen to twenty dogs of different breeds like Boxer, Doberman, German Shepherd and Russian Samoyed including their puppies in our house :) Quite a number of pets to have around right!!! One could practically say that my brother, Salman Rizwan and I have literally grown up among various dogs. In all those years of growing up, until we had not entered the field of senior academics, we had lived almost more than half of our lives being among dogs and their puppies and taking care of them day and night.

Unfortunately, as my brother and I got immensely involved in our senior studies, we had to give up having more pets in the house. Papa had also grown old and he wasn't as energetic anymore as he used to be to consider keeping more pet dogs. Now almost a decade has passed since then. I am done with all the studies and other small responsibilities which were necessary for me to undergo in the past few years. But I could never quite resolve that what was it that I could do with my future. It took me not months, but years when the realization just hit me. I bought a Pug and a British Bulldog puppy 10 months back, and only recently a Dark Golden Labrador, just for the heck of having pets around. Even during all these months, I just never realized what my life was going to be all about. I went to Lahore to visit my Aunt for a couple of days. And there I happened to come across a four month old White Shepherd, which was extremely traumatized due to the cruel and ill treatment it received at its previous owner's place. I naturally fell in love with that dog and lavished it with all the affection I could give him and managed to make it break the emotional fear filled wall it had created around itself. It grew confident day by day to everyone's relief and pleasure, especially mine. I felt so proud of it.

Then I came upon the idea of taking care of pet dogs of other people and also side by side working on the bigger long term project which is to eventually rebuild 'SHERWOOD KENNEL', and carry on Papa's legacy further Inshallah and make it my profession!!!

I had been in the planning phase for providing the dog care services for dogs belonging to people who go out for vacations and are reluctant to leave their beloved pets behind them as they are skeptical and worried about how would they be taken care of and by whom.

Well, the days of their worrying are over!!!

My brother, my business associate Mr. M. Chohan and I have successfully developed a kennel to provide such dog care services with careful planning and hard work, and have also come upon means of selling and importing pedigreed dogs of different breeds for pet lovers.

I hope and pray that we are able to satisfy our clients by taking care of their pet dogs according to their expectations, and, are also able to provide them with good quality or pedigreed dogs of their different desired breeds.

Thank you

Your’s sincerely

Cooky Rizwan



• Comfortable cages
• Feeding
• Bathing
• Grooming
• Walking
• Veterinary services, if required
• Above all, affection

Dog Training Services would also be offered by a Professional Dog Trainer: M. Chohan ( 0333 2236443, 0301 2277090 )


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