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About My goal is to make this world a happy and sweet place, and by God, if it takes a Brownie to do be it!
Description As a child I always had a passion for cooking, helping my mum. I always used to enjoy practicing making the perfect Africa shape chapattis ; but mostly my joy would be watching my khala bake the most delicious, out of the world goodies… The smell and taste still lives within me...
Baking is not everyday cooking. It is an actual science which involves calculation, judgment, precision, weight, measures and temperatures accompanied with a lot of patience. To get all this right at once is a helluva challenge and once you do, no looking back! To excel in any science you have to have passion, for, without that desire and commitment to experiment, one cannot prove their theories. So what does baking have to do with the big bang? Well, for starters, they are both sciences. An honest truth, I was completely inspired by the sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory”. It was one of those crazy mornings where I was getting ready for work and out of the blue, I thought, “Why not call it Big Bang?!”, perfect 2 words that could not explain it better. A lot like me; just going with my normal routine and one day deciding to do what I love… so it all started with the big bang!
Our menu comprises of delicious and tempting desserts and bakies made with superior quality ingredients and prepared with heart and soul. They are fit for any occasion be it birthdays, hi-teas or dinners with family and friends or simply just to enjoy over a mug of coffee during your “me-time”.
God bless and happy eating!

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