Fishing Bear Lodge

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About Alaska's premier river and small stream fly fishing location.
Description Fishing Bear Lodge is located in the heart of Americas largest state park, Wood River~ Tikchik River State Park. North of Dillingham Alaska. Fishing Bear Lodge specializes in dry fly fishing for Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling during the months of July and august, in beautiful rivers and small streams. As the sockeye salmon begin to spawn in the month of august the Trout fishing becomes extraordinary. Nothern Pike, Arctic Char and the Sockeye Salmon are popular game fish in the system that provide for a exciting fishing variety.
In a single day a person can catch all five species of fish, making for a sore arm and an ear to ear grin.

At the lodge we will accommodate up to eight people a week, with four cozy cabins. You will have a adventurous as well as comfortable wilderness experience. At Fishing Bear we try to make your trip just as much about the wilderness experience as it is about the fishing!

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