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About Bouldering. Yoga. Community. Love.
Mission 1. To strengthen the climbing community at both the micro and macro level
2. Provide members use at various locations state wide with one membership.
3. Organizing a climbing community in California that will promote and support the sport – effectively be an advocate for the sport.
4. Provide members equipment discounts though climbing industry partnerships
5. Provide local retailer discounts for members in a community.
6. Develop the website as a portal to related activities, events and links
Overview The idea for SLO Op Climbing began in 2003, a co-op bouldering gym housed in a 400 square foot self storage unit in San Luis Obispo. In 2006 SLO-Op relocated to a 1000 square foot warehouse and became a non-profit 501c7 Limited Liability Company founded by a number of donors and currently managed by Kristin Yishai Horowitz (

SLO-Op LLC started in April of 2006 as a place for San Luis Obispo rock climbers to climb. What it grew into was beyond anyone's expectations. In our small 1000 square foot space we grew into 300 members and have a national and international reputation as the first non-profit bouldering gym. Due to the success that SLO-Op has had in a relatively small city and the positive and healthy influence on the local population, we are ready to expand our concept of the community bouldering gym to other cities throughout California.

Unlike full scale climbing gyms that require large spaces, high membership dues, marketing and large startup fees a SLO-Op scale gym requires a relatively small initial investment and can, in SLO-Op's case, exist with little to no formal marketing, no birthday parties and little direct management. Each gym offers free shoes on loan, requiring little-to-no investment for new patrons.

Non-members can climb and/or join during staffed Open Hours, weeknights from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Outside of Open Hours access is controlled using an electronic access door that can only be entered using a bar-coded membership card. Each member’s card is unique and allows us to track usage and restrict access if necessary. Membership cards are issued when the member completes the registration process. Each facility is equipped with surveillance cameras. Both the electronic access and cameras are remote viewable via the Internet.
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