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About Modern and eclectic design is the signature look of spaces crafted by interior designer Urooj F. Yazdani, owner of UFY Interior Designer, who has been creating commercial and residential interiors for nearly a decade.
Description Each space is taken as a blank canvas, exclusively and custom designed to suit the lifestyle needs and desires of the client. While eye catching and aesthetically pleasing, the spaces Urooj creates are practical and very inhabitable. Inspired by an innovative use of colour, artistic detailing and balancing nature with modern aesthetic, Urooj’s finished projects are not only tastefully done but are functional and affordable.
Mission Spaces that inspire are Urooj’s motto; unusual custom designed pieces and the imaginative use of simple objects are regularly featured in her work. Her work also benefits from the relation she forms with her clients, closely working with them to express their individuality in her finished projects.
Overview Formally trained in the United States, the designer adopts a unique design philosophy and proudly maintains an extensive clientele, both local and international. Urooj has a diverse and rich experience of ten years of working in the field. Her vast portfolio includes both commercial and residential projects – whether it is a home, office, boutique or hotel, Urooj makes the most out of the space available to her, big or small. Urooj takes special interest in new home construction and remodeling projects.
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Web site http://www.karachisnob.com/UFY-interior-designer-karachi.htm

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