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About Joha Hassan is a “Home-Base Self Taught Chef” from Singapore at, he likes to cook & create new recipes!
Description Joha Hassan is a “Home-Base Self Taught Chef” from Singapore. He loves cooking & create new recipes and share his passion in cooking to others, His motto - "Makan Sedap, Hati Senang!

His philosophy is to help others (like, housewife, mothers, sisters, brothers and daddy) who are having problem preparing their daily meal, e.g. on what to cook daily - “I have no idea what to cook today?” with daily feeds of recipes on the social media, this will help those having such problems easier when searching ideas for cooking. His friends and followers list have grown beyond 5,000, from Facebook or Instagram users based in Singapore, Malaysia, S.E.Asia, Middle East and other community in other parts of the globe.

During his childhood days his mum was the inspiration. She spend long hours in the kitchen preparing daily meals for the family. She would groom her children on how to prep the ingredients, making basic cutting and slicing chords before cooking and tasting the meals. With this basic knowledge, he cooks and create dishes for the family and share his home cook meals with friends around the world. To the world at large come please try My Cuisine, Bon Appetit, “Makan Sedap, Hati Senang!” "Good Eats, Feel Happy"
Mission If you enjoy my recipes you should consider subscribing and follow me via the links! This page is for you to find easy cooking guide and recipes to cook for your family & love ones. Turning eating at home like eating at your own restaurant. Bon Appetit! Bona Appetito!
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