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Description This site is for Physicians who are graduates of Vinnitsa Medical University IM Piragova holding a Physician MD degree from the below region:
A. Eastern/Western Europe which may include Ukraine, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Chekoslavakia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium and more.
B. African Continent which may include Gambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, West Africa, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia and more.
C. South American region which may include Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Guyana, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and more.
D. Middle East which may include Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian, Morocco, Algeria, Lybia, Yemen, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and all Middle Eastern Countries.

The membership is restricted only to gradute physicians holding the degree of MD from VMU (former MI).
Membership is also available for any student admiited to VMU regardless of degree completion {Revised Condition}.

{The below mentioned regional groups are being disabled in the Summer of 2011. Only the MAIN page - THIS page will remain - making it easy to join just one group}

Similar VMU Alum groups are available on Face Book for South Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Western/Eastern European and South /North American gradute physicians of VMU.

This is a social networking group for health professionals advancement.
Mission Professional networking and friendship
Overview Alumni and past students associiation
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