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About Irina Kharatishvili Jewellery
Art gallerea Rustavelis 34.
Арт Галерея, Руставели 34.
არტ გალერეა, რუსთაველის 34.
Description Irina Kharatishvili is a professional artist and has personal exhibitions in art Galleries, embassies, hotels and art shops. She has worked with enamel on jewellery since 2002.
Cloisonne enamel is a kind of enamel work in which the surface decoration is set in hollows formed by thin strips of wire weeded to a metal plate in a complex pattern.
Cloisonne enamel works found in Georgia and in Byzantine are dated back to IVc. A.D. in Russia enamel works are from Xc. A.D. They have Byzantine influence.
The making of enamel plaques on gold is immediately connected with repousse metalwork.

Georgian enamels hold one of the first places in the world for their number, artistic quality and value to science.
Enamels that have come down to as are little icons, or medallions intended to adorn icon frames and covers of ancient manuscripts, crosses, ect. As regards techniques, the color scheme and style, they are very different from enamels of other countries. When people come to Irina's salon,she shows them her catalogue. She has different crosses, necklaces, medallions, rings, pins cuffs-link. She helps visitors to choose design, paints sketches. Cloisonne enamel works are beautiful with precious and semi- precious stones. Generally the ornaments with enamel are made on high quality gold or silver and they are expensive. It is a hard work. Cloisonne enamel works always have individual style of their own and are characterized by individual artistic and technical skills.
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