Say No to Airtel Bangladesh for the welfare of Bangladesh

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About Support the Boycott of Airtel Bangladesh!
Description For all the Bangladeshi users of Airtel Bangladesh there is somethin tht needs to be shared!

I hope you all are aware of the fact that Airtel is not here fr the welfare of Bangladesh!It will be a terrible mistake to support their business being a Bangladeshi!

Our young Parliament member(jatiyo party) Barrister Andaleeve Rahman who represents Bhola district have said "Airtel 2000 crore takar share kelenkari kore 95 crore takar stamp duty (tax)dei nei...shara bangladesh jokhon biddut er jonno pagol ..lakh lakh application bashar jonno.. kol karkhanar jonno pore ache..r shei jaigai 210 towers e nirbichinno biddut shonjok deya hoche ei airtel k! keno? ami jani airtel er corrupton bondho hobena investigation o hobena tai apnara shobai prottakhan koren..jei company eto taka faki diye bepsha banijjo korche bangladeshe tader intension bhalo na! ami shob bangladeshii k onurodh korbo airtel k publicly boycott korte!"

watch the is the link..

I just felt its important tht bangladeshi ppl know about ths! you r free to give ur opinion!!

I do not have anythin to say if u still support airtel!
We as young educated citizens should be able to judge wts wrong n wats right!
So think wisely n support wats right and felicitous!

If we do not take steps to help ourselves n our country then who will??

So indivudual contributions is necessary to stop the use of airtel!

Spread it to entire bangladeshis!! Feel proud by doing smthing right fr your country!!

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