Zafar Iqbal

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About Jafar Iqbal
25 September 1950
Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
8 January 1992 (aged 42)
Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Years active
Description Zafar Iqbal was one of the most popular heroes in Bangladeshi Cinema.He was born in a noble Muslim family on november25,1950.His home district is Sirajgonj though his father who was a lawyer settled in the capital city,Dhaka long ago.Zafar Iqbal grew up in a cultural ambiance. His elder brother Anwar Pervez was a renowned music director and his younger sister Shahnaz Rahmatullah is a favorite name for Bengali and Urdu music lovers.Before steeping into the illusive arena of Dhallywood film, promising Zafar wished to establish himself as a pop singer. He founded a musical group in 1966. Noticing his enthusiasm in music, the prominent music director Robin Ghosh allowed him to play on some pieces of music in his film ' Pitch dhala path '.Zafar was a skilled guitarist from his teen-age. As he had a handsome appearance, he also drew the attention of film makers. Consequently he was selected for the movie " Apon Par " directed by his close relative and noted film director Khan Ataur Rah-man. The film industry was charmed at his heroic performance. Soon after the film was released, the liberation war of Bangladesh took place. Zafar Iqbal actively participated in the war as a freedom fighter.Coming back from the war he employed himself on silver screen and act in several films.Kobory was his first heroine in Apon Par. He was also equipped with Shabana,Sucharita,Rozina,Anju,Subarna,Kazari and Diti but he was best suited to the internationally reputed heroine Babita. Babita-Zafar Iqbal pair once won millions heart and it is still considered one of the most successful pairs beside Razzak-Kobory,Shabnam-Rehman,Azim-Suzata and Shabana-Alamgir in the history of Bangladeshi movies.Babita-Zafar pair presented about 30 movies half of which was listed hit.This pair developed a mental attachment to each other in their personal life.But years of affinity could not reach a safe conclusion. Zafar's failure in love with Babita is wonderfully reflected in his famous song-Sukhe thako o amar nandini,hoe karo gharani[stay happy, my darling becoming someone's housewife].Apart from performing heroic role, Zafar made some excellent playbacks. ‘Hoi zadi badnam hok aro’ is a unique one in the lip of Razzak in the film Badnam. During a duet with Runa Laila,Zafar started another affair with Runa but that relation also did not see the light of success. Later He married Sonia who gifted him with two sons. Sonia also could not make Zafar happy.Hence the Separation became inevitable. During the course of a super hit movie titled-Nayaner Alo,Zafar again initiated a relation with Subarna but that was too proved futile.
Zafar Iqbal brought with him immense potentials. He is undoubtedly the smartest Bangladeshi hero. Romance was the key capital of his performance. He was greatly inspired by the best romantic hero of this sub-continent, Waheed Murad. Yet his career suffered often for his carelessness. According to the word of his heroines, Zafar was a bit casual in his career. Being highly emotional, Zafar did not pass a smooth period. The rise of talented Alamgir, Bulbul Ahmed and Farook also frustrated his advancement sometimes. Yet he was a true romantic who act for 150 movies and sang about 200 songs. Zafar will always be recalled by the film-goers as a real hero.
some of his noted movies:
1.Apan Par[co-actress-Kobory]
2.Sadharan Meya[kobory]
3.Eki Onge eto rup[Shabana]
6.Mama vagne[Babita]
7.Fakir Maznu Shah[Babita]
8.Abuzh Hridoy[Babita,Champa]
9.My love.[Sucharita]
11.Bhai Bandhu[Dity]
12.Nayaner Alo[Subarna,Kazori]
Zafar Iqbal was suffering from mental depression during his last days. Beside, heart and kidney related diseases turned acute. At last Zafar Iqbal embraced death on January8, 1992 leaving behind his two sons, thousands of fans and many eventful memories.


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