Grain Consortium Ltd.

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About Grain Consortium Ltd provides interim management and procurement consultancy services for the public and private sectors. As an independent consultancy, Grain Consortium Ltd can offer tailored solutions at competitive rates .
Description Present working area of Grain is storage management of seasonal crops of our country like as corn and soybeans in a large quantity with scientific way for ensuring quality and reduce the parentage of wastage, on the other hand its ensuring root level farmers sales and meet their price requirements . Side by side Grain working on developing supply chain management for clients production consumption as well as vendors payments systems for availability of raw material in a smooth way.
Mission > To exceed our client’s needs for the highest quality and total satisfaction.
> To develop services which are cost effective and efficient.
> To develop the skills of our employees, enhance teamwork and creativity.
> Effective project monitoring and supervision.
> Attain a high level of creative project planning and conceptualization.
>To ensure the company’s profitable growth.
>To ensure that Quality remains at the forefront of our services.
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