Al-Yatun Asil Arabian Stud

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About Al-Yatun Asil Arabian Stud; the home of the black Arabian stallion GR Marjan (Imp).
Breeders of beautiful endurance horses -Livery Yard - Kennels
Description Breeders of beautiful and athletic sportshorses. Breeding rare Asil / SE Arabians; true “diamonds without inclusions”. Practicing a preferential preservationist program excluding the names of a.o. : Basilisk, El Nasser, Hanan, Exochorda and Tuwaisan. (Note: there is nothing "wrong" with horses that are not included in the breeding. But since their names do not appear in the pedigree, I prefer to keep them out. There are other studs that focus primarily on the breeding WITH these names).
I create unique breeding combinations that would otherwise not exist and that will enhance any other stud’s breeding program.

* Foundation Mares: Zaafarana (EAO)- Sasab - Sraab
* Sire lines: Sahiby Sheikh El Arab - Shams El Farin - and mainly focusing on the German imports GR Marjan (Imp) and Messaoud (Imp semen).

Asil horses are special horses. Less than 2% of the world's 600.000 Arabian horse population is considered pure in blood as where the rest of WAHO's "purebred" Arabians have in fact all been infested with non-Arab blood and are considered non-Asil, impure, kadish.

There is nothing wrong with the WAHO horses as such: I am sure I would be breeding with them too, if it hadn't been for the Asil Arabians.
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