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About Cut the flab, Explore the nature, Save the money, Conserve the Environment and Feel the adrenaline rush …all at once … Just ride a bike :)

Description At a time when the world is concerned about the increasing risks of global warming, awareness programs and drives are being run about saving the globe, let’s do our bit by paddling our way to an emission free environment …Just join the Go- Green revolution!!

Pedalworks is a retail outlet that houses multi brand bicycles for all age groups ranging from kids to youth and adult. We specialise in a wide variety of Mass-market bicycles. You can choose from Mountain bikes, Touring bikes, City bikes Hybrid bikes, Road racing bikes and Tricycles for kids.

We invite everyone to visit our store and encourage the facebook viewers to share their cycling passion, photographs and videos from the drives they have participated in, to share exciting cycling routes within the city and across the country.

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