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About Curmino (Complete Liver Protection). Join our page and get our exciting health advisory advice and health updates. Visit for more info.
Description Curmino is one of the range product of Jamu IBOE. Registered as Djamoe Industrie en Chemicalien Handel "IBOE" Tjap 2 Njoja in 1910, Jamu IBOE was proven as the pioneer of Indonesia natural herbs industry. It was also known that Jamu IBOE became the very first company who made a breakthrough by using aluminium foil to package the traditional herbs.

The name "Jamu IBOE" reflects a mother figure who has a big concern in family health, also represents the symbol and the source of all living creature. While the Leaf of Jamu IBOE logo represents two things, Life and Nature, also shows the natural ingredient of herbs.

With strong cultural heritage base, Jamu IBOE wants to improve and develop traditional herbs in a modern and professional environment. Jamu IBOE's vision is exploring Indonesia natural herbs to overcome health problems. And the modernization have become the mission of Jamu IBOE.
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