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About www.Urbanite.pk | 11-11-URBAN (87226) | Karachi can now order food online from all their favorite restaurants and also get DVDs, Books & much more delivered right to their doorstep. YOU SHOP IT, WE DROP IT!
Description Urbanite has created a platform like no other in Pakistan. Through our interactive and user-friendly website, we aim to connect like-minded customers with retailers who would be able to meet their every need.

From lawyers to art gallery curators, our one stop shop is the centrifugal point for all types of city dwellers.


Urbanite Pakistan provides local, citywide and national companies and retailers the opportunity for conducting their business in a new way. With the exponential growth in both internet based companies and online users, Urbanite has set a new benchmark for online retail in Pakistan.

Founded in 2012, Urbanite has committed all its resources towards one primary objective - putting our customers and clients needs first - providing each of them with the logistical facilitation that they need to ensure further growth of their businesses.

Our premium services and technical expertise are tailored around the business needs of each our clients so if you are looking to market a new product, or simply promote your existing brands; Urbanite is your one-stop-shop for all.

In short, we help fill the gap between the entrepreneurial spirit of Pakistani businesses and the prevailing global environment.

So join us, and let us help you set the standard in your own industry or niche.
Mission Mission Statement:

"Catering to the everyday needs of the quintessential Urbanite."

Goals & Objectives:

Bring in a new understanding and appreciation for online retail and customer services in Pakistan. Urbanite, through its interactive and user friendly website, as well as cutting edge business solutions looks to change the way business is conducted online.

We are looking towards encapsulating all the essential services required to meet the needs of the Pakistani Urbanite on one free, user-friendly platform.
Overview We are a one-stop-shop solution catering to all Karachi’s city dwellers’ needs. Through our interactive and user-friendly portal service, users and vendors will be able to conduct their business transactions online with the help of Urbanite’s expertise in customer and client facilitation.

So if you want to order in for a quite meal at home from your favorite eatery, or simply enjoy a movie with friends and family, we are here to help!

However, these are just a few of the new and interactive ways that Urbanite will help ease and improve the flow of information (and product), from client to customer and vice versa.

Apart from ordering a meal or a movie, users of our website will also be able to reserve tables at their favorite venues from the comfort of their own home or office. Reservation requests will be relayed in real-time to our clients, who will then reply to the notification within minutes, either confirming your reservation, or apologizing due to unavailability of space.

Users will also be able to set appointments with their favorite hairdressers and beauticians, and be provided with comparable alternatives if there is no current availability with their first preference.

So please, feel free to take advantage of our innovative and exciting new services, and provide us with the appropriate feedback that you feel would help us conduct our operations in a more convenient manner for you.

Welcome to Urbanite!
Phone 021-11-11-URBAN (021-11-11-87226)
Web site http://www.urbanite.pk/

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